The problem

We waste too much of our valuable time searching and gathering information online or going to company resources to get answers to our questions.

Knowledge workers on average spend over 8 hours per week on searching and gathering information. This is a big organizational productivity loss!

Our solution

It is simple! Just submit your question and IQADOT will provide you with the best possible known answer. So you don’t need to go and search for it yourself wasting valuable time.
We do this by combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence enabling for a better, smarter and faster world.

A global network of knowledge that will answer your questions

Each and everyone of us is a guru in some area. IQADOT lets you tap into this collective knowledge available anywhere on the planet, in communities and your company.

As a true global network we have no physical boundaries and enable you to call upon the available knowledge within the IQADOT network. Both people and artificial intelligent bots will answer your question in the best possible way. In return you can help out other people providing an answer to their question.