Smart and fast

Ask a question and get only the best answer

You ask a question. IQADOT returns only the best answer which is determined by an ad-hoc virtual answering team consisting of humans and AI-bots.

HI and AI

Combined to learn from each other

IQADOT combines human intelligence and artificial intelligence, getting the best out of the knowledge on the planet.

Convenient and fast

Knowledge in your pocket

A mobile app to connect to the network and interact with IQADOT. Get online and learn and share from others, around the globe.


  • Built-in knowledge: learn and share
  • Your private knowledge base in your pocket and in the cloud
  • IQADOT may ask you if can help answer a question.
  • Get answers to questions that you don’t know how to answer
  • Enrich questions with photos and other media

Truly global

Well organized and effective

IQADOT connects people and communities around the globe, making their knowledge available to each other.


  • Questions are submitted to dedicated channels per expertise
  • Each country has its own channels
  • To submit a question, you have to be connected to a channel
  • Being connected to a channel implies that IQADOT may ask you questions
  • You will receive questions only on channels that you are connected to
  • Questions can be geographically scoped, i.e., sent to people in a narrowed down geographical area that are connected to the respective channel