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The unanswered questions feed displays questions that are in process of being answered. The feed might be tailored for you. You can browse and search in the feed.

You can browse and search in the feed. To view a question, tap on it.

Take question

If you have not been asked by IQADOT to answer a question, you can pro-actively take a question.

  1. Tap on the question
  2. Tap on “Take”

Note: that if you are not connected to the channel the question was posted to, you will be connected to that channel with default knowledge level. Adjust your knowledge level if necessary.

Follow question

If you are interested in the answer of the question once it becomes available, tap on  


Cloning a question might be useful if you want to base your own question on the question from the feed and edit it before submitting. To clone the question, tap on .

A draft question will be created.

Printing and sharing

Tap on .

See Sharing items for more information.

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