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Using photos

When applicable, attaching photos to your questions and answers is a great way to enhance what you want to say.

In IQADOT each photo is uniquely identified, even if it is an exact copy of another. Each photo must have a title and optionally a descriptive text can be added.

The IQADOT Library

All photos that are used by your IQADOT app are stored in the IQADOT Library on your device. This means not only photos that you have used, but also photos that you have received in answers or have downloaded from the feed.

Attaching photos

To each question or answer, you can attach one or more photos. When editing a question, or answer, you can attach one or more photos.

Photos can be picked from your device’s camera roll, taken ad-hoc with your camera, or picked from the IQADOT Library.

Managing photos

You cannot delete individual photos from the IQADOT Library as each photo is uniquely attached to a question, or answer. To delete a photo when you are editing a draft question, or answer, simply select the photo and delete it.

Deleting an answered question in your knowledge base will also delete all media that were attached to it.

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