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Profile settings

Your profile settings give you access to settings and other information about you.


  1. Go to the Profile menu by tapping on your Profile photo from the Home tab
  2. Tap on the arrow at the far right to your name

Profile photo

To change your profile photo, tap on your photo and select a photo from your device.

Email address

To change your e-mail address, tap on E-mail address from the Profile settings.


To change your geographical location, Tap on Location.


Tap on Auto-translation and select one of the languages that are supported or Off to disable.

Sign out

Tap on Sign out in the Account section to sign out from the IQADOT network. Signing out from the IQADOT network will typically not sign you out from the social account that you have used to connect to IQADOT. 

IQADOT will ask you to sign in automatically if you access the network again using the app. Depending on your sign in status on your social account, you may be required to reenter your username and password.

For example, if you have used your Google account to connect to IQADOT, you may still be logged in to Google. When you sign in again to the IQADOT app and select Google, you typically will be logged in automatically.

Close account

If you want to close your account, tap on Close from the Account section and follow instructions. 

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