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Incoming questions

When IQADOT asks you to help answering a question from another user on the network, it will send you a notification containing the question.

The power of IQADOT network relies on the engagement by its users. Even if you are not able to answer an incoming question, reacting on an incoming question is encouraged.  

To view and react on an incoming question, tap on it from your incoming questions notification list. 


Taking a question

When you Take a question, IQADOT will be notified that you have committed yourself to submit an answer the received question. Once you have submitted your answer, you can expect an Incoming election notification.

Auto-translating a question

If you have enabled Auto Translation, the question will automatically be translated to the language that you have chosen. To see to the question in its original language as submitted by the asker, tap on .

Passing-on a question

Choose this action when you are not able to answer the question and are not interested in its answer. To pass-on a question, tap on .

Following a question

Choose this action when you are not able to answer the question but are interested in its answer. Once the answer becomes available, IQADOT will send you an Incoming answer notification. To follow a question, tap on .

Cloning question

Tapping on   will clone the received question and create a new draft question.

Printing and Sharing

Tap on

See Sharing items for more information.

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