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IQADOT interacts with you by sending push notifications to your device. Each notification has a dedicated type which can be seen in the following sections. To get the most out of IQADOT, we recommend that you stay online when awaiting an answer or when participating in an answering process.

Notification types

IQADOT uses several types of notifications which will appear in a grouped list. Each notification will remain in this list until you have processed them. Some notifications, require your attention where your action may be crucial for the process.



 Clears the list of notifications, but does not delete the notifications themselves.  

 Refreshes the list of notifications.

Receiving notifications

When you are using the app, i.e., the IQADOT app is at the top, a notification that is received is processed immediately. You will hear a sound or vibration and the badge number in Notifications icon at the main screen is incremented.

When you are not using the app, a message is displayed by iOS on your device in Notification Centre. Although the IQADOT notification has been received, it will not be processed until you open the notification message in Notification Centre. Doing that, the IQADOT app will be started and the notification will be processed and displayed in the Notifications segment of the app.

Note: some notifications may expire before you actually opened them. Although the app processes them, they will be deleted immediately.


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