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Knowledge base

The Knowledge base is your personal storage of all answered questions that you have collected using IQADOT. They may be either your own questions that were answered, downloaded from the feed or you have helped answering.

 Refreshes the list of answered questions.

 Orders the list according to the selected option.


When you tap on a question it will be opened and displayed in several segments. From the bottom bar:

 will display the question and the answer from IQADOT below it. When you have auto-translation enabled, tapping again  will switch from original language to the auto-translated language.

 will display the answer that you have submitted to this question. This segment will not be available for questions that you did not answer.

 will display the Notes segment where you can add notes to this answered question.

 will display information about the answered question.


 will delete the answered question from your knowledge base.

 will clone the question to a new draft. The clone will not include the answer.

 will let you print of share the answered question. See Sharing itemsfor more information.

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