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A channel encapsulates an area of expertise that best matches the expertise you are looking for to get you questions answered. Questions are categorized per country. In this example, we will connect to the channel GDPR in the United States.
Go to your Connections and:

  1. Tap on
  2. Tap on
  3. Tap on and tap on United States
  4. Wait for the list be loaded, locate and tap on the GDPR channel.
  5. Adjust your knowledge level.
  6. Tap on Connect

You are now connected to the GDPR channel in the United States. You can send your questions to this channel and expect to be asked by IQADOT to help answering questions of others.

The knowledge level is a qualification that is initially set by yourself.

Knowledge levels

IQADOT recognizes the following knowledge levels, in increasing order:

  • None
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Professional
  • Expert
  • Guru

Guru level

The Guru level is a special knowledge level that represent the highest level of knowledge. IQADOT will ask Guru’s for their help when answering a question requires the help of a Guru. If a Guru cannot be found on a channel, IQADOT will look for the next level being Expert.

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