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IQADOT is a global network, having categorized channels per area of expertise or knowledge. This way the network can route questions and answers to the right people that are connected to a channel.

Fundamental to the knowledge sharing principle of IQADOT is that if you are connected to a channel, you have knowledge, so you can expect IQADOT to ask you for help.


Because IQADOT is a global network by design, the network contains the directory of countries, each having their own channels. The list of countries will grow with the network. Unless some form of authorization applies, you can connect to any channel in any country. The auto translation support in IQADOT that  enables you to ask and answer in your native language, makes IQADOT a truly global knowledge sharing network.

Your connections

To access your connections, make sure you are online.

  1. Tap on  on the main screen
  2. Tap on


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