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Asking questions

Asking questions to IQADOT is the basis of IQADOT. Getting one answer, the best answer that has been found, is a great way to extend your knowledge horizon.

Using the IQADOT app you have a powerful and convenient tool to get the most out of the IQADOT network. You can work on several draft questions before submitting them. To switch to your list of draft questions, tap on .

To resume editing a draft question, tap on the item in the list.



 Adds a new draft and opens the editor

 Refreshes the list of draft questions

 Displays the list of questions that you are following and await their answer.

 Displays the list of questions that you have submitted and await their answer.


Please note that before you can submit a question to a channel, your question must have a subject and of course the question text itself.

Editing a question is divided in the following segments:

 where you enter the text of your question.

where you can attach photo’s to your question.
You can attach photo from the photo library on your device or take a new photo. Each photo requires a title and optionally a description.

 where you can select which channel to post your question to.
The channel needs to be set before submitting the question.

You can switch to any of the segment by tapping on the respective icon.

Tap on  to delete the question.

Channel selection

A question will be submitted to an IQADOT channel that is the most suitable for the area expertise you are looking for. To select the channel,

  1. Tap on 
  2. Select the most suitable channel from your connections.

If you are not sure that you are connected to most suitable channel, browse the IQADOT network to possibly find a more suitable channel.

  1. Tap on 
  2. Tap on 
  3. Browse and connect to a new channel

When you connect to a new channel, make sure that you subsequently select the channel for your question.


Once you are content with your question’s text and optional attached photo’s you are ready to submit to your question. Check that you have selected the best channel and tap on .

When you choose to submit your question anonymously,  your name and profile photo will become invisible to other users on the network.


Tap on  to clone the question to a new draft.


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