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Answering questions

Answering a question is not only the way to help others, but also a way to learn from other people that answered the same question independently from you.

When IQADOT looks for the best answer to a question, it does that in several steps. In essence, this process goes like this:

  1. IQADOT forms an ad-hoc team of users on the network, by asking them the question
  2. The members of this team, independently from each other, answer the question
  3. IQADOT asks the members of the team to vote for answers of teammembers of the same team. This process results in finalist answers.
  4. Finally, IQADOT asks a user with Guru knowledge level to chose the best answer amongst the finalists. This is called a Guru Verdict and results in the answer to the question.

Taking a question

When IQADOT asks you a question, the question will be added to the Notifications panel in the IQADOT app as described in Incoming questions.

By taking a question, you commit yourself to answering it according to the IQADOT process outlined above.

Taken Questions

To go to your list of draft answers to questions that you have taken, tap on   at the bottom  tabbar.

 Refreshes the list of taken questions

 Displays the list of answers that you have submitted and await processing by IQADOT.



From the list of taken questions, tap on > of the question that you want to work on its answer.


Editing your answer is divided in the following segments:

 where you enter the text of your answer. Tap in the area below “My answer” to start editing.

where you can attach photo’s to your answer.
You can attach photo from the photo library on your device or take a new photo. Each photo requires a title and optionally a description.

You can switch to any of the segments by tapping on the respective icon.

Tap on  to delete your answer.

Existing answers

You can use information from answered questions that are stored in your knowledge base. Tap on  to browse to your knowledge base and select an answered question to copy its text or answer and paste into the answer you are working on here.


Once you are content with your answer’s text and optional attached photo’s you are ready to submit to your answer. To submit your answer tap on .

When you choose to submit your answer anonymously,  your name and profile photo will become invisible to other users on the network.

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