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What’s your goal with the beta test program?

We’d love to learn from potential users, their thoughts, ideas and feedback on pre-release versions of IQADOT, in particular:

  • IQADOT’s way of knowledge sharing
  • Functionality of the platform and the app
  • IQADOT’s transparent translation of questions and answers
Do you have more information about the product?

Yes, have a look at the documentation for Android or for iOS to learn more about the product.

How do I participate?

By registering after which you will receive an invitation to download the beta app.

Who can participate?

Anyone that is at least 13 years of age who is interested in sharing knowledge about an area of expertise or interest. During the beta test we will try to use a limited number of channels that are distilled from our testers during registration.
Depending on need, during the program we might add additional channels though.

Can we participate as a group?

We encourage groups that share a common area of knowledge or interest to join the program. If you are a group of more than 20 people, contact us and we’ll discuss wether adding a channel might be an option.

Which devices are eligible?
  • Any phone or tablet running the latest version of Android.
  • Any iPhone or iPad device running the latest version of iOS.
How can I enable auto-translation?

Auto-translation is a powerful feature that, when enabled, lets you read and write questions and answers in a language that you choose. If a question or answer has been posted in another language, IQADOT will translate it for you.

By default auto-translation is disabled. To enable, choose a language in the profile settings menu of the app.

For Android: Profile settings

For iOS: Profile settings

How can I get support?

You can submit a support request from within the IQADOT app.

  1. Tap on your profile photo
  2. Tap on Support
  3. Your email app will start with information of your device filled in.
  4. Type in your support question.

If you do not have an email app on your device, you can e-mail us at support@iqadot.com. Please provide the information of your device that is shown by the IQADOT app so we can help you better.

How do I send feedback?

Your feedback is extremely valuable for us. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome at any time by using the app:

  1. Tap on your profile photo
  2. Tap on Feedback
  3. Your email app will start with information of your device filled in.
  4. Type in your support question.

If you do not have an email app on your device, you can e-mail us at feedback@iqadot.com.

How often will I receive beta updates?

Depending on the feedback we receive, you can expect to receive between one and three updates during the course of the beta program.

How long does the beta program run?

The beta program will end 28th of February 2019. We will inform you on any changes.

Can I leave the beta program during its course?

We would regret seeing you leave the program. If you want to leave before the program ends, we will ask you for your feedback by filling in an online evaluation form.  To leave the program, at any time, you will need to submit a close account request from within the app. To do so, go to your profile settings by tapping at the right of your profile photo and choose Close from the Account section. Your account will be permanently deleted once you have filled in the evaluation form.


Please do not submit content that is subject to copyright infringement, violates privacy of people or in general violates our Terms of Service and in particular our Acceptable Use Policy.

What happens to my questions and answers?

The public version of IQADOT requires you to accept that your questions and answers and related data becomes public domain once you submit it to the IQADOT network.  Please be aware that during the beta program you may receive updates that may delete all your IQADOT data from your device.

Will I get something in return?

We will raffle 100 vouchers of EUR 10 amongst the participants of the program once the program has finished. The vouchers can be spent at doneerbon.nl (Dutch charity), bol.com or as gift cards for iTunes or Google Play.

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