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Beta test programs

We invite you to join our public beta test programs for our products. With your help we can make IQADOT the best knowledge platform. You’ll get early access and have your say on future features. Of course you’ll have our everlasting gratitude and perhaps a nice something as a reminder as well!


Our beta’s are official versions of our apps that we have submitted to Apple and Google and were approved to be tested in public. After getting your feedback we will release our app to the app stores of Apple and Google.

Please note that Apple will ask you to install TestFlight, the app from Apple for downloading official beta apps. 

We care about your privacy: 

  • Your email address is required to let Apple or Google send you an invitation with a download link for the iOS or Android version of the beta app from their stores. This would typically be your Apple-ID or your Google account.
  • IQADOT will use your email address and personal information to keep you informed and get in touch with you when necessary, in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Currently we have no active beta programs:


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